Application and great advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in elevator manufacturing industry

With the economic growth, the elevator industry is developing more and more rapidly. The market is becoming more and more extensive. As we all know, the material commonly used in the elevator is stainless steel plate and some metal materials with film. These materials have higher requirements for surface finish. With the expansion of the market […]

Fiber laser cleaning machine has great advantages in magnesium alloy waste treatment

In recent years, the use of magnesium alloy has increased sharply in industrial production,which mainly used in transportation equipment and other manufacturing industries. The reason why magnesium alloy materials are so widely used is that the alloy has very little pollution to the environment. And the material itself has great advantages: lightweight, low density, recyclable. At the same time, […]

What are the advantages of hand-held fiber laser welding machine? What are the application scopes?

Handheld fiber laser welding machine is a non – contact welding method, welding process without pressure. The working principle is to use the thermal effect of high energy laser beam to melt the irradiated material inside, and then cool and crystallize to form welding seam. Hand-held fiber laser welder machine subverts the working mode of the traditional laser […]

What are the reasons for uneven marking effect of fiber laser marking machine? How to solve it?

With the development and improvement of laser processing technology, fiber laser marking machine has become an indispensable important equipment in laser marking processing with its small size, no consumables, maintenance-free, low cost and many advantages. But in the process of use, we often encounter a problem: how to do for the uneven effect of fiber laser marker machine? Reason one: The […]

What are the differences when welding different stainless steel materials using hand-held fiber laser welding machine?

In heavy industry and light industry, stainless steel has been widely used by its excellent performance. In the process of processing and manufacturing, laser welding is essential. However, stainless steel materials are divided into austenite, ferrite, martensite, austenite – ferrite double equal different classification.The nature of each type is not the same in the welding performance. So when […]

How to set the parameters of MOPA fiber laser marking machine for anodic alumina blackening?

With the popularization and development of the application of laser processing technology, anodic alumina blackening application is gradually accepted by the market. And it is also widely used in many industrial fields. But in the practical application process, the anodic aluminum blackening process has higher requirements for laser light source, equipment accuracy, environment, operator experience, raw […]

What is the effect of fiber laser cleaning machine on the surface properties of aluminum alloy molds?

For mold cleaning methods, mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, ultrasonic and dry ice cleaning are used commonly. In the past mold cleaning work, these methods have been widely used. But in today’s automatic cleaning requirements, these methods are very limited. Compared with other cleaning methods, dry ice cleaning has unique technical advantages. But dry ice belongs to chemical products. The […]

What are the effects of common process parameters of fiber laser welding machine on welding results?

Laser welding is one of the important application directions of laser machining technology. Compared with traditional welding, fiber laser welding has many advantages. High welding quality, faster efficiency. At present, it has been widely used in metal manufacturing, powder metallurgy, automobile, electronics, medicine and other industries. There are many factors affecting the working quality of […]