Fiber laser cutting machine using for metal tube industry

Round tube,square tube,shaped tube and so on different metal tubes can be cut by fiber laser cutting machine with high speed.New type fiber laser cutter makes production and processing automatically as well as avoids the limitation of the traditional cutting way.It can save time and labour,which also reduces the cost. The tube fiber laser machine can make fine cutting for drilling,segment cutting,intersection and complicated patterns of the tubes.

The suitable focus length of the lens is chosen according to the cutting precision and the request of the cutting thickness.

The focal length of the lens is proportional to the size of the spot after the laser beam focused.If the laser beam passes through a short focal length of the lens,then the spot size will be very small, and correspondingly the power density is high.In fact, the large power densities are beneficial for cutting of the materials.But the defect is also obvious.The short focal depth leads to a small adjustment allowance,which is just suitable for thin and high speed cutting materials.Similarly, the long focus length of the long lens is more suitable for cutting thick workpieces, and the cutting speed is also slightly slower correspondingly.

Please notice that when cutting metal tubes by pipeline fiber laser cutting machine,the speed of the pushing down can not be fast.Otherwise it is easy to damage the saw and the structure of the gear in the gearbox.

When using fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal tubes,please fix the clamps of the chuck tightly.No one is allowed to touch the saw blade at high speed.

If the fiber laser machine is exceptional during cutting process,please make power off immediately, and ask the maintenance person to check and repair the fiber laser cutting machinery.After the problems are solved,then start the fiber laser machine.

The power supply of the fiber laser cutting machine should be cut off in time after finishing using it. Clean up the slag and debris generated by cutting in time, and keep the fiber laser machine around and the surrounding environment clean and tidy.