What are the differences between manual focus and automatic focus for fiber laser? What is the advantages of the automatic focus?

In the development history of the cnc laser cutter, there was no auto focus function in the early days.In that time,the operators must manually focus to use fiber laser cutter, which has a high requirements of the technical level for the operator. And the production efficiency is also very low.

Later, the advent of the new auto focus laser head has finally met the requirements of the production and the improvement of the efficiency. While what are differences of the the traditional manual focus laser head.and the new auto focus laser head?

Manual focus:

The focus can not be adjusted by manual focus laser head,which leads to have no enough cutting energy when cutting thick materials.So compared to automatic focus, cutting time is longer and the cutting efficiency is also low.

Automatic focus:

The focus can be adjusted by the auto focus laser head,which can increase the punch energy.And it also can increase the cutting and punching speed.

The auto focus of the laser head is faster at least twice than the manual focus laser head.The cutting effect is the same. And it can effectively avoid the over-melting of the sheet because of the short cutting time.

In general,Fiber Laser Cutting Machines – Includes 2 Yr Warranty with automatic focus has a very obvious advantage. It not only reduces the cutting time and improves the production efficiency, but also can be applied to a wide range of materials and different thickness.

So the auto focus metal laser machine precision cutting is ahead of the manual focus metal laser machine in many times.Now the auto focus has gradually become the mainstream of coil fed and sheet fed fiber laser cutting machines in the market.With the development of the market and the progress of science and technology in the future, the automatic focusing laser cutting machine will be more practical, And the cutting range will also be more extensive.