Which industries are used fiber laser cutter?OWIN fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer will show you.

Different from traditional laser cutting methods, fiber laser cnc cutting machine uses invisible high energy laser beam instead of the traditional cutting knife to cut.

In the cutting production process, the fiber laser vs co2 using of high energy laser beam to cut has higher precision and faster speed.The fiber laser cutting machine can support more complex graphics cutting,which matches automatic typesetting software to save material and reduce production costs.At the same time, the mechanical parts of the laser head of the fiber laser cutter will not touch the workpiece in the cutting process , which can effectively avoid leaving scratches on the surface of the workpiece.

From the cutting effect, the incision made by fiber laser metal cutting machine is smooth and clean.It generally does not need subsequent processing.And the cutting heat affected area is small with narrow slit and metal sheet has no deformation.

In recent years, the rapid development of fiber laser cutting machine with its significant advantages in cutting speed, effect, cost and many other aspects as well as high fault tolerance rate has gradually become the main equipment choice of cutting industry.

Now fiber laser cutter for metal has been familiar with more and more people.So which industries can the laser cutting machine be applied to? It can be broadly divided into the following categories:

  1. Sheet metal processing industry

Sheet metal processing can be said the “beginner” of the fiber laser cutting machine.Its excellent cutting effect, very fast cutting speed and very low production cost make the fiber laser cutting machine become the core equipment of sheet metal processing.

With the high requirements of sheet metal processing technology and processing effect, the traditional processing equipment has gradually been unable to meet the requirements of this process.High power cnc fiber laser cutting machine has gradually become the main equipment of sheet metal processing.

  • Auto industry

The processing of many parts in the automotive industry are inseparable from fiber laser cutting,such as car covers, sheet metal, exhaust pipe, shock absorber, car bottom sheet, car body and so on. The traditional cutting processing method is not only slow efficiency,poor precision but also high cost, which is difficult to adapt to the demand of the current market. Top fiber laser supplier owin from China can make up for these shortcomings.

3.Agricultural machinery industry

With the continuous development of agricultural technology, the products of agricultural machinery are gradually toward specialization and diversification. In this way, the processing and manufacturing of agricultural machinery is put forward more and more new requirements.

CNC fiber laser cutter with its advanced cutting ways and high fault tolerance rate can be more quickly adapted and applied in the processing and manufacturing of agricultural machinery,which can improve production speed and reduce production cost.

4.Advertising industry

In the current advertising industry, people pay more and more attention to the beauty and production efficiency of advertising products.While the precision of traditional processing machinery is poor.The cutting effect is not ideal.And products are often needed to rework for secondary processing.

Laser cut steel plate can not only ensure cutting accuracy and good cutting effect, but also it can greatly improve the cutting speed,working efficiency and reduce the cost.

5.Household appliances and kitchenware industry

In the household appliances and kitchenware industry,the production efficiency is always the huge problem to the manufacturers.The grinding tools are generally used in the traditional production.And the investment cost is very large.Using fiber laser cutting machine can effectively avoid this problem.It not only can improve the production efficiency, but also it can reduce the cost and improve the rate of finished products.

The technology of metal fiber laser cutter is more and more mature.The application scope is more and more wide.In addition to the above mentioned, fiber laser cutting machine also has been widely used in aerospace, printing, clothing leather goods, furniture, jewelry, packaging industry, container industry, shipping industry, elevator and other industries.