Why will fiber laser cutting system have error after using long time?

In metal processing industry fiber laser cutting metal techniques with its outstanding advantages becomes the first choice of many processing enterprises. Although fiber laser cutting machine in metal processing has excellent performance.After using long time, the cutting accuracy will have some small errors, which can not achieve the desired cutting effect.

So how do these errors come about? Is there a way to avoid it? The following is a detailed introduction of the reasons and methods to prevent errors for you.

  1. Workpiece shape error

Sometimes the surface of the workpiece will be uneven for some reasons.

At the same time laser cutting belongs to thermal cutting.In the process of cutting it will produce heat, thus it affects the smoothness of the surface of processed parts. When the surface of the machined part is not smooth, the actual position of the laser focus will be offset from the ideal position.Then the laser cutting machine will form the error.

In addition the thickness of the material is more thick than the max cutting thickness of the fiber laser cutting machine reaching,which will also produce errors. For example for 3000W fiber laser cutter, the theoretical cutting thickness is not more than 20mm thickness carbon steel.The material is more thinner, the cutting effect is more better. If it is over this value, the thicker it is,the more difficult it cuts,and the error is also bigger.

  • Errors caused by programming

In the cutting process of fiber laser sheet cutting, the machining path of some complex curved surface or curve is fitted by straight line, arc, parabola, hyperbola and so on. The curve formed by this fitting will have errors compared with the actual curve. The existence of these errors will affect the cutting path of fiber laser metal cutter,which results in cutting errors.

  • Errors formed by focus offset

After using fiber laser cutting equipment for long time, due to long-term wear and deformation, the table or workpiece clamping device will be uneven and offset phenomena. The actual focus of laser head will be offset, thus forming cutting error.It is impossible to completely avoid cutting error in fiber laser cutting process. What we can do is to reduce the error as much as possible and keep it within our acceptable range.

If you want to reduce the error, you should pay attention to the use of fiber laser system.Checking and maintaining the fiber laser machine before and after cutting in time. Focus adjustment is carried out before working to keep cutting at the optimum machining focal length.

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