OWIN Pipe laser cutting machine,lower cost,higher efficiency

Owin pipe fiber laser cutting machine has high precision and fast speed by using laser beam to process pipe,which has wide range of application.Some common metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, alloy and so on can be cutting, punching, engraving and other processing well.

Laser tube cutting machine is a precision cutting equipment developed by Owin laser specially for metal pipe cutting and processing industry, which can be one-time cutting and forming for square pipe, round pipe and special-shaped pipe.Fiber pipe laser cutter can cut metal intelligently,automatically identify cutting path after importing graphics and complete fast cutting.

After long-term technology research and development, the advantage of laser pipe cutting machine is more and more obvious.

High precision: In the traditional pipe cutting process the cutting surface will be more or less different due to using manual way.

And affordable pipe laser cutter will not have this problem.It relies on procedures for cutting and the using same fixture system. Not only the cutting precision is high but also the cutting speed is very fast. Reduce the probability of rework. Greatly reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

High speed:Fiber laser tube cutting machine relies on the instantaneous high temperature of the laser beam to cut.The speed is faster hundreds of times  than the traditional manual method.Efficiency improvement is very obvious.

Flexibility: The tube cutter uses laser beam to cut, which is more flexible for a wide variety of complex and unconventional shapes. It not only gives designers the freedom to make more diversified and personalized designs, but also gives birth to more diversified products.

Mass production: The traditional processing method for clamping is very troublesome and cumbersome. and in the clamping process it will produce errors and affect the processing accuracy. While the fiber laser pipe cutter can easily clamp several meters of pipe. This makes it easy to complete mass production.

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