Metal fiber laser cutting machine for sales.Applications in door and window industry

No matter in estate industry or furniture decorates industry, door and window are indispensable. And since the vigorous development of real estate industry  in last few years, the demand of doors and windows also increase rapidly. The requirements of doors and windows processing are not only higher and higher but also more and more strict.

In the door and window industry, people pay more and more attention to the quality and efficiency.Fiber laser cutting machine is gradually widely used in the processing of doors and windows.

With the continuous innovation and development of laser cutting technology, fiber laser cutter with its incomparable advantages occupies a dominant position in the door and window industry,which has become a necessary equipment for door and window cutting. Because of the wide application of fiber laser metal cutting machine, the door and window processing industry has become more and more intelligent and modern.

So, what are the advantages of metal laser cutter in the door and window processing industry?

First of all, fiber laser cutting machine is a set of CNC cutting, precision machinery, laser cutting in one of the high-tech equipment. It can complete automatic loading in bale.The laser cutting machine has fast cutting effect,which can greatly save working time, improve production efficiency and reduce cost.

Then in terms of applicability of the fiber laser cutter, the cutting material of door and window is a variety of diversiform.Square tube, rectangle tube, round tube, elliptic pipe material and special-shaped pipe material can be found everywhere.And it also has Angle steel, I-type steel, T type steel, channel steel and other tubular profile. However, no matter how variable the material it is, laser tube cutting machine are all applicable. At the same time, pipe fiber laser cutting machine can process a variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, copper alloy, titanium alloy and other metals,which can be processed perfectly.

In addition, it is often processed some complex and diverse graphics in the door and window cutting industry. Pipe laser cutter in processing will not be limited by the processing path.The operator only needs to input processing graphics path.No matter how complex it is,fiber laser cutting machine can equally complete cutting. And metal laser pipe cutting machine can also complete trepanning , rotating trepanning, hollowing, diagonal cutting and other diversified processing methods.

Owin laser is committed to the research and development, production and sales of high power fiber laser cutting equipment. The fiber laser cutter is widely used in plate metal processing, aerospace, home building materials, advertising, kitchenware, lighting, shipbuilding, automobile industry, etc.Owin  laser cutting machine provides more professional and fast industry solutions for the metal processing industry.

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