Kitchen and bathroom industry laser cutting machine.The advantages of Owin fiber laser cutting machine application in kitchen and bathroom industry.

Stainless steel is widely used in kitchen and bathroom products with its excellent corrosion resistance, beauty and good practicality. However in the traditional sheet metal processing, not only the process is very complex and low efficiency,but also it needs to pay a high labor cost.It can not meet the current market demand. Later the laser cutter used to make kitchen products manufacturing industry ushered in a new chapter.

In the process of kitchen and bathroom products, the graphic pattern of the surface of stainless steel materials is needed processing. Compared with traditional processing methods, fiber laser cutting machine is cutting through automatic programming in the process. High precision and high speed cutting. Cutting edge is smooth level off. It basically does not need to be secondary processing, saves cost and also improves the production efficiency.

In additional fiber laser metal cutter does not need mold and tool in the processing.Not only it saves a lot of investment, but also it reduces labor costs.

The application of fiber laser cutting machine makes the kitchen and bathroom products processing industry adapt to the needs of the market well.Whether its production efficiency or product quality has been greatly improved.

The most common kitchen and toilet articles such as spoon, shovel, sink, shelf are generally used within 3mm stainless steel plate on the market now. This kind of material is very suitable for fiber laser cutting machine to process. The cutting speed is fast.The processing effect is perfect.And the cost can be saved. After confirming the demand, the mass production can be realized.

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