Advantages of sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine and application in different industries

All kinds of stainless steel pipes and plates are widely used in all walks of life at present. With the common growth of stainless steel production and sales, the processing market of pipes and plates is becoming more and more huge. Traditional metal processing has been unable to meet the rapid development of the market demand and can not achieve low-cost production. Later the appearance of sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine has brought a qualitative leap for metal cutting processing industry.

Plate and tube laser cutter is a kind of fiber laser cutting machine, which is a combination of pipe laser cutting machine and sheet laser cutting machine. It has a wide cutting range.No matter how complex the special-shaped pipe or plate can be cut. With its professional, stable, high quality cutting effect, sheet and tube dual-use laser cutting machine quickly occupied the market. The industries covered include sheet metal processing, jewelry, kitchen and bathroom products, automobile industry, fitness equipment, household cabinets, crafts and gifts, lamps and lanterns, hardware industry, agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, electronic components, etc.

Advantages of plate and tube laser cutting machine:

  • High precision

In modern industrial production and manufacturing, machining accuracy is very important. Traditional metal cutting is done by hand, which is time-consuming and laborious.And there are subtle differences for each part in the processing.Laser cutting system processing is used the same set of fixture system, automatic cutting by the program, higher precision and less error.

  • High speed

   Plate and tube dual-purpose laser cutting machine adopts high-energy laser beam high power to cut the material, which can process several meters of the material at a time.Processing thickness up to 30mm.Compared with the traditional processing, the efficiency is improved hundreds of times.

  • Mass production

   In the traditional processing, the clamping of materials is very troublesome.

And affordable sheet and tube laser machine can quickly complete the clamping positioning of materials and complete the requirements of mass production well.

  • Flexibility

  Owin fiber laser cutting machine processing is very flexible.No matter how complex processing path it can complete the requirements of high quality processing production. This allows designers to get out of the box and make more complex designs.Products will be more diverse.

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