What factors have affect on the cutting speed and cutting effect of fiber laser cutting machine?

The characteristics of high power fiber laser cutting machine is no burr, no wrinkles and high precision when cutting metal,which becomes preferred equipment for a lot of machinery, mechanical and electrical manufacturing and processing industry.

Although in terms of cutting speed alone, fiber laser cutter is slower than punching and molding process.Laser cutting does not need to consume the mold and does not need to spend time to replace the mold. Greatly save the processing costs.Reduce the cost of production. So in general, laser cutting equipment is more cost-effective.

In the machinery manufacturing industry, the processing of metal materials is the largest proportion.No matter how hard and how shape they are,fiber laser metal cutting machine can cut a lot of metal materials. But for some high reflectivity materials such as gold, silver, copper, alloy ,the cutting is very difficult.And these metals have very good heat conduction.So the cutting is more difficult, even some times cnc fiber laser can not complete the cutting.

In many cases, the laser cutting process will use an auxiliary gas suitable for the material to be cut. For example,when cutting steel, oxygen is used as an auxiliary gas because oxygen will have chemical reaction with the molten metal and oxidizes the material, which can blown away by oxygen. When cutting hard plastic and paper materials, inert gas is generally used as an auxiliary gas to avoid burning or blackening materials at high temperature in the cutting process.

In addition, the auxiliary gas can also protect the focusing lens. On the one hand, it can blow away the cutting residue and prevent the lens from being polluted. On the other hand, the auxiliary gas cools the lens in time to prevent it from overheating.

China fiber laser cutting machine on the choice of cutting speed is also very important at work.Specific materials can be referred to the equipment instructions to choose.Or the most appropriate cutting speed can also be determined by experiment . When the thickness of the material, texture, melting point, thermal conductivity, melting state of the surface tension are not same, the cutting speed should be changed accordingly.

Specific changing methods can be referred to the following situations:

  1. The appropriately increased cutting speed can improve the cutting quality of the cutting surface, which can be shown as smaller incision,smoother surface and reduced cutting deformation.
  • When the cutting speed is too fast, the energy received by the cutting material per unit area is less than the best energy value required, the residue in the cutting gap can not be blown away in time.Thus it forms the phenomenon of slag hanging and affect the laser cutting effect.

3.When the cutting speed is too low, the energy received by cutting material per unit area is more than the best energy.The molten material is gathered in the cutting gap.Then the residue is not easy to clean up. And the material of the heating time is too long,which will make rounded corners on the surface of the cutting upper edge position.

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