How much is fiber laser cutting machine? What are the factors of affecting on the price of fiber laser cutter?

The application of fiber laser cutting machine is more and more widely.More and more enterprises have made laser cutting machine as an important equipment in the production link. The price of laser cutting machine is also very important when buying. So what are the factors affecting the price of laser machine?And how can we choose a more affordable laser cutting machine?

  1. Factors affecting on the price of fiber laser cutting machine– configurations
    The configurations of fiber laser metal cutter is the main factor in many cases,such as laser source, laser head, power, rack and pinion, cutting area, etc. Fiber laser cutting machine is made up of many parts assembled. So it is not possible to put aside the configurations but just cares about the price. We should pay attention to the life, quality and maintenance of each part when we buy fiber laser cutter machine.
  • According to the cutting thickness, cutting material, cutting requirements to select the appropriate configurations
    When choosing fiber laser cutting machine,we can not blindly choose the equipment just according to the price. If so, low and cheaper laser cutter machines are often chosen by the customers. It is likely to be unable to meet the needs of production and processing in the later stage. So please make sure your own cutting requirement to choose the right laser cutting equipment. Then the fiber laser machine for cutting metal is the most reasonable and most suitable for you.

3.After-sales service
Fiber laser cutting machine belongs to large high-end machining equipment.The unit price is higher. So many customers are very careful when choosing equipment. But fiber laser cutting machine price is not only affected by the equipment itself but also its after-sales service. Machines in the process of using, or because of improper use, or because of idle time too long and so on a variety of reasons causes some problems.At this time it reflects the importance of after sale service. Owin laser specializes in the production of fiber laser cutting equipment and equips with professional after-sales service team.Owin laser can solve the problems encountered in the process of production in time and provides you with no worries after sales.

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