Analysis of the use of fiber laser cutting machine skills.Cautions in the production process.

When using fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal, we need paying attention to more details.If you master the use of skills for this large mechanical processing equipment fiber laser cnc, the improvement of production efficiency is very obvious. Below owin laser gives you with a detailed introduction:

  1. Corner melting phenomenon: This phenomenon is common in laser cutting processing. When cutting thin plate, deceleration through the corner, the material will melt because of the overheating of the laser beam, which makes the corner form a rounded corner.It affects on the cutting effect and accuracy.
    The method is to keep the high speed cutting of the laser beam to prevent the speed slowing down when cutting corners.Or reduce the cutting time to ensure the quality of cutting.
  • Spacing of parts; Most time using high power laser cutting machine to cut thick plate and hot plate, the distance between parts is as large as possible. Because this material has a large heat-affected zone. Edge burning can occur when cutting corners or shapes with sharp corners.
  • Lead wire and tail wire; The lead and tail line are generally used in laser cutting machine to cut thick material.The thicker the material is the laser beam contains more energy. But fiber laser metal cutter machine also needs more time to cut through the material. So it is easy to burn and over-cut at the starting and ending position. The lead and tail line are needed setting outside for the scope of the workpiece. But it needs to be noted that the lead and tail line should not be set at the sharp corner.And make the arc transition to the workpiece cutting range as far as possible.
  • Common edge cutting; Common edge cutting is usually used in large quantities, small shape and regular parts cutting. Common edge can greatly shorten the production time, save more material and greatly reduce the production cost.

Notes for daily maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine:

  1. Usually detect the straightness and verticality of the guide rail and rack every half a year.If abnormal phenomenons are found,fiber laser cutting machine should be timely maintenance and correction to avoid errors in production and affecting the cutting effect.
  • Ensure that the steel belt is in a tight state at any time to prevent potential safety hazards in the process of reproduction.
  •  Clean the laser machine in time. Clean the dust and other sundries in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The rack, guide rail and motor should be cleaned regularly and lubricated in time.

4.Using dust collector to clean up the dust and debris in the laser machine every week. And do a good job of daily dustproof work. Clean the equipment every few days if it is running at high frequency.

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