More efficient laser cutting equipment: The advantages of dual exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine.

In recent years the market of metal processing industry is getting bigger and bigger,but the competition is also more and more fierce. As the core equipment of metal cutting processing, dual exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in metal pipe and sheet metal cutting processing to achieve stainless steel, galvanized sheet steel, alloy materials, rare metals and other materials of fast and high precision processing.

In addition to accord with the requirement of processing technology, a best CNC laser cutting machine also needs to accord with the factory requirement of the cutting efficiency. After all time is money. Especially the labor cost is too high and labour shortage now. In order to further enhance the work efficiency of the laser cutting machine, double exchange platform fiber laser cutter arises at the historic moment.

The double exchange platform metal fiber laser machine has two tables that exchange with each other. Alternating the cutting work can save loading and unloading time. Gantry double drive structure with the reinforced welding bed, the laser machine runs stably and reliably, simply and flexibly, greatly improving the cutting efficiency.

The following is a brief for the advantages of double exchange tables fiber laser cutting machine:

1.Double tables interactive cutting, interaction time within 15s, greatly saving the time of loading and unloading, improving working efficiency.

2.Fiber automatic focus laser cutting head, automatic focusing, good cutting quality, fast speed, smooth cutting surface, reducing rework rate.

3.The fiber laser machine works stably, safely and reliably. Equipped with dust extraction device, energy saving and environmental protection.

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