How to avoid the thermal deformation of metal fiber laser cutting machine when laser working?

Nowadays, the demand for fiber laser cutting machine is higher and higher in the metal fabrication industry.But there has always been a problem that puzzles many users in the laser work process. That is the thermal deformation caused by laser cutting.

In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to find out the cause of thermal deformation. The working principle of metal cnc laser cutter is to fuse the workpiece with the instantaneous high temperature generated by high energy laser to achieve the purpose of cutting. In this process because of the workpiece material, geometric shape, impurities and other reasons,it will result in uneven heating deformation phenomenon.

This phenomenon not only exists in the cutting process of fiber laser cutting machine. Cnc flame and plasma cutting machine also have this phenomenon.

With the current technical ways, this thermal deformation is not eliminated.We can only be as far as possible to reduce the impact of thermal deformation on the cutting effect. Owin laser simply shares a few methods to reduce the thermal deformation of metal cutting machine.

Firstly, human industrial temperature control processing can be carried out. Plasma cutting machine or fiber laser cutting machine heating part can be made cooling treatment. Targeted heating treatment is carried out in the low temperature part of the machine structure, so as to reduce the temperature difference in each part of the machine tool. Reducing the distortion caused by the temperature difference.

Secondly,it is to improve the lathe, the lathe itself deformation caused by high temperature affects on the workpiece. The improved method is similar to the first one item. Reducing the distance from the laser head center to the ground as much as possible, so as to reduce the thermal deformation. At the same time, keeping the same temperature rise before and after the headstock can also reduce the influence of thermal deformation.

Finally, standardize the operation procedures, enhance the operation of CNC laser cutting machine knowledge. Using normative methods and operation to produce and reduce the impact of improper operation on production, processing. In addition, as a thermal cutting equipment, it is likely to cause deformation due to temperature changes in the long use process, thus affecting the cutting.

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