Factors affecting cutting effect of fiber laser cutting machine and treatment methods

China fiber laser cutting machine gradually gain a firm foothold in the metal cutting industry with its high precision, fast speed, not limited to patterns and other advantages.In the production process, laser cutting has unique material saving, good effect, low cost characteristics so that its application scope continues to be expanded.However many enterprises feeling cutting quality is not good as imagined.Cutting effect is not satisfactory. What is going on?We need to check from the following aspects:

  1. Check the focusing part

 the focus of the laser head is an important factor affecting the cutting effect.Generally speaking, the smaller the diameter of the focus spot is, the smaller the cutting seam is , the higher the cutting quality is.

  • Pay attention to the position of the nozzle

 If the nozzle position is too far from the cutting position,it will cause unnecessary waste of kinetic energy.If it is too close,it will to the will produce return pressure to the lens and affect the cutting effect. Therefore, it is generally set at about 0.8mm. And the height is consistent with the workpiece.

  • Pay attention to the cutting speed of the material to be cut, the slower the speed is, the worse the cutting effect is.
  • Select an appropriate auxiliary gas, preferably compressed air or inert gas.
  • Regular detection laser power

 As the core parts of the metal laser cutter, the power will decrease with the growth of the use of time and affects the cutting effect.

  • Dust influence

 This is the most important factor affecting the cutting effect of fiber laser.  Clean up dust and other debris in time to prevent pollution of precision parts in the machine.Otherwise reduce the service life of equipment.Now the most widely used extraction system is equipped with industrial air purifier near the laser cutting machine, so that the dust and other debris generated by laser cutting can be collected and cleaned up in time to avoid polluting the equipment.

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