Why is UV laser marking machine more and more popular.What is UV laser advantage?

In processing technology, ultraviolet laser has natural advantages,which become one of the mainstream laser industry with short wavelength, narrow pulse, fast speed, high peak, easy to absorb by materials and other advantages. With the continuous progress of technology, uv laser marking technology has been widely used and popularized. Now the common marking materials are plastic, glass, ceramic, and metal.
Compared with fiber laser engraving machine, ultraviolet laser has obvious difference. Fiber laser machine is a kind of hot processing. And ultraviolet laser is more like “cold” processing. The working principle of ultraviolet laser marking machine is used high energy density laser irradiation on the workpiece. So that the surface of the material gasification or color change to achieve the marking effect.

Because this UV laser marking is no consumables. The marking effect is fine and beautiful,which has gradually begun to replace the original marking process.


  1. UV laser marking machine focusing spot is very small. So the heat affected area is very small when processing,which can carry out ultra-fine marking and special material marking.It is very suitable for the customers who request high precision marking effect.
  2. In addition to the common material copper, ultraviolet laser can be applied to a wider range of materials. The effect is more perfect.
  3. The beam quality is good. The light spot formed is small.And the ultra-fine marking can be carried out.
  4. Because the uv laser marking machine heat affected area is small. So the processing will not produce material burning problem.


soft PCB circuit board laser marking, scribing; Medical equipment, food processing; Silicon wafer micro hole, blind hole production and processing; Sanitary ware communication equipment; LCD liquid crystal glass laser marking; Electronic components, business gifts, communication equipment, bathroom supplies, building materials, etc. Glassware surface drilling; Metal material surface coating laser marking.

At the same time, it can also be applied to ultra-fine high-grade production and processing industry, ultra-fine cold light engraving, etc.
It is with these advantages that can not be ignored. UV laser marking machine has received the favor of all walks of life. The application scope is more and more wide.

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