How to adjust the precision of fiber laser cutting machine to the best?

Fiber laser cutting machine has been known for its fast cutting speed, high precision and good effect. Especially its cutting precision, fiber laser cutting can not be replaced by other cutting processes. But in fact, the cutting precision of fiber laser cutter will have errors with long time using. The user of laser cutting machine knowing how to debug the accuracy of the laser machine is a necessary knowledge. Owin laser will show you how to debug the precision of the fiber laser machine.

  1. When the laser focus is adjusted to the minimum, point emission is established. And the location of the focus is determined by the size of the spot. The minimum spot is the focal length position, which is also the best processing position.
  • Before the laser cutting machine working,it can be used test paper or workpiece scrap to determine the accuracy of focal length position. Adjust the height position of laser heads to find the most appropriate position through the size of the laser spot generated by point shooting.

3.After testing fiber laser machine, it can be fixed in the cutting head with a marking device, and then let the cutting machine use marking device to draw a square and the circle of the square.Finally draw the diagonal. After the graph is drawn, the cutting precision of the fiber laser machine is judged by using measuring tools for the four sides of the square, circle tangency, the distance from the diagonal to the edge and other parameters.

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