What is the basic inspection of fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine long-term stability and good operation is inseparable from the daily maintenance and inspection. Do a good job of these work can not only reduce the probability of equipment problems in the production process, but also it can effectively extend the service life of equipment. The following is about the basic inspection of China metal laser cutting machine from three aspects.

  1. Starting:

It is better to let the fiber laser cutter machine travel before working to observe whether the parts of the fiber laser are normal operation.And check steering and translation flexible or not. Checking the laser equipment before work,which can guarantee the stable operation of the fiber laser in the production process.

  • Running:

in the process of fiber laser cutting, we should always pay attention to check the fiber laser cutter. 

  • After running the fiber laser ,check the relevant parts whether it is in smooth operation. Current and voltage value are in the specified range or not.
  • In the operation process of the fiber laser cutting machine, pay attention to observe the parts of the fiber laser itself, such as whether the chiller is leaking. (3) Check the air pressure to see whether the pressure is in the specified range.
  • Stopping:
  • Before the laser cutting machine is off after processing, the computer of controlling the whole system can be shut down first,which can avoid the unstable phenomenon of control system.
  • Do cleaning for the laser cutting machine after shutdown to avoid dust, impurities polluting the laser head.

The above daily inspection work is very helpful to the future work of fiber laser cutting machine. If long-term persistence, IT can greatly extend the service life of laser cutting machine.

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