How to do the daily maintenance of UV laser marking machine?

UV laser marking machine is mainly suitable for materials including flexible PCB board, FPC board, silicon wafer, metal surface coating marking, LCD liquid crystal glass, plastic keys, communication equipment, electronic components, building materials and so on. Similar to fiber laser marker, but the effect of uv laser engraver marking text and patterns are better than the effect of fiber laser marking machine.It is more fine and clear. So uv laser marking machine is more competent for the text and design requirements of high technology.

In essence, the biggest difference between UV laser VS fiber laser is that UV laser marking system belongs to the cold light category.Many fiber laser marking machine can not complete the marking effect and materials while UV laser marking machine can complete the marking well.

UV laser marker has become one of the mainstream products in marking machines now. And in the long-term use process, some components will be lossy due to the environment, aging, improper operation and other factors, resulting in equipment failure. Therefore, we need to regularly maintain the UV laser marking machine to extend its life.

  1. Keep the working environment clean regularly and keep the working temperature between 10℃ and 20℃ as far as possible.Smokeless and dust-free.
  2. The fluctuation of the working power supply should be within 10%. If the power supply is not stable enough, a voltage regulator is needed installing.
  3. Water cooling using water is deionized water or distilled water.It can not use tap water, mineral water and other water with high metal, mineral ion
  4. It is forbidden to use corrosive liquids and cleaning solvents to clean all parts of the machine, especially optical components, which are needed to be cleaned under the guidance of the company’s after-sales service.
  5.  Do not switch the device on and off frequently. After shutdown every time, wait at least three minutes before restarting it.
  6. To ensure smooth heat dissipation, check the running status of fans periodically.
  7. Check the buttons and indicators to ensure their normal operation.
  8. Start and stop the machine according to the normal operation steps.

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