How to cut high reflective materials with fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser technology has been gotten considerable development until now. Laser technology is more and more mature. Application industries are also more and more.It covers the vast majority of sheet metal processing manufacturing industry. But with the wide application of fiber laser cutter for metal, there is a difficult troubling a lot of fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers. That is how to cut high reflective metal materials by cnc fiber laser cutting machine?

High reflective materials are very difficult to cut by the metal laser cutting machine. When the high reflective materials are in cutting processing, there will be a return laser into the laser source, which causes damage to the laser head and laser source. The higher the power it is,it will cause more damage for the laser source.

When using fiber laser cutting machine to cut these high reflective materials, Such as copper, aluminum, gold and other materials.Auxiliary gas needs to be added, relying on the chemical reaction between auxiliary gas and material to improve the cutting speed.

When oxygen is used as an auxiliary gas, oxygen can achieve a very good combustion-supporting effect. It can react quickly with the material at high temperature. When nitrogen is used as an auxiliary gas, it can play a very good oxidation resistance effect and avoid oxidation film, which can effectively improve the cutting effect of fiber laser cutting machine.

Therefore when using fiber laser cutting machine to cut high reflective materials, if the thickness of the cutting material is thin, try to use nitrogen and other inert gases as auxiliary gas. If the thickness is thick, oxygen should be used as an auxiliary gas.

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