Operation process and common troubleshooting for fiber laser cutter

With the industrial upgrading of sheet metal processing industry and the continuous improvement of processing requirements, fiber laser cutting machine has become an indispensable equipment in sheet metal cutting. But do you know the formal operation process of fiber laser cutting machine?

1.Fiber laser cutting machine operation steps:

  • Determine the processing material and place the sheet metal on the working table of the fiber laser machine. Check whether the material is placed smoothly to prevent shake, displacement and other phenomena in the processing from affecting the processing effect.
  • Operate the controller, input cutting graph data, material thickness and other processing parameters into the fiber laser cutter, adjust the tool head, nozzle and focus to the appropriate position.
  • Open voltage regulator and water chiller.Set well water cooler temperature, water pressure and other parameters.
  • Start the laser source and start the machine.

2.Fiber laser cutting machine common troubleshooting and processing methods

  • Can not open the fiber laser machine
  • Check whether the power supply fuse is burned out or not. Check whether the power input is normal or other abnormal phenomena. Check whether the switch is damaged.
  • No laser or low laser

Check whether the optical path is offset. Check whether the focal length of the laser head changes. Check whether the laser source is damaged. Check whether the laser power supply is in a non-conduction state or other abnormal phenomena. Check whether the parameters are set incorrectly. Check whether the processing program is written wrongly

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