How to do good protection measures for fiber laser cutting machine in winter?

As December coming, temperature gradually drops in the Northern hemisphere. At low temperature, if you want to run the fiber laser cutting machine normally, it is necessary to take corresponding anti-freezing measures.
First of all, the winter temperature is low. The unit pipe of the water chiller may freeze, resulting in damage to the core components of the fiber laser cutter, so we should do a few things.

  1. The temperature of the water chiller and fiber laser should be kept above 0℃ as far as possible to prevent icing.
  2. If the temperature is below 0℃, keep the water chiller on. If the water in the pipe is always flowing, it will not freeze. But we need to regularly check whether the water chiller failure or power off to prevent icing.
  3. The third method is to add antifreeze to the water chiller. Generally adding 20% is ok. With the antifreeze, the water cooling equipment can be guaranteed unfrozen at the temperature of -20℃.
  4.  There are a lot of places affected by the geographical location. Wet and rainy in winter, the air humidity is high. This will lead to internal laser components of the fiber laser cutting system appear condensation, resulting in failure. At this time you need to reduce the air humidity around the laser cutting machine.
    After open the main power supply of the laser cutting machine , before the laser generates, open the air conditioning function of the control cabinet, reduce the air humidity, prevent condensation failure.
  5. If you do not use fiber laser machine for a long time in winter, then the water in the water tank is easy to dirty because of long-term no replacement, or because of low temperature caused by icing,which will all cause damage to the metal laser cutting machine.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the laser equipment, the water in the internal water tank should be emptied in time when it is not used for a long time. The fiber laser metal cutter should also be checked icing or not when it is restarted.

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