Application of fiber laser cutting machine in food machinery industry

Food processing machinery will have direct contact with food raw materials, and finished products at work. Its quality also directly affects the safety of food. Nowadays the food production industry is constantly updated to the direction of mechanization, automation, specialization and large-scale development, which requires the upgrading of food production machinery.

The upgrade of food machinery equipment is inseparable from sheet metal processing. As the mainstream equipment of metal cutter, fiber laser cutter plays an increasingly important role in the food machinery processing industry.
Laser cutting machine is famous for its high speed and high precision. It can realize cutting processing requirements of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy and other metal materials.

For the production of food machinery equipment, traditional processing methods need to open mold, stamping, cutting plate, bending and other processes. Not only low efficiency, but also high mold cost, consumption, high investment.
Compared with traditional processing methods, the main advantages of fiber laser cutting machine are following:

  1. Safety and health. The cutting way of fiber laser cutting machine is non-contact cutting, so more clean and healthy. It is more suitable for food machinery processing production.
  2. Good cutting effect. Laser cutting machine slit is narrow, between 0.1-0.2mm, and the cutting surface is smooth without burr.No need for secondary processing.
  3. Cutting speed is fast. Effectively improve production efficiency.
  4. Reduce costs. Metal laser cutting machine does not need any mold. It can completely avoid the collapse of the shear formed and greatly reduce costs.
  5.  Save materials. Fiber laser cutting machine using computer programming cutting Cutting graphics can be efficiently typesetting,which can improve the utilization rate of materials and reduce production costs.

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