What is the difference between fiber laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine, which is better?

At present, laser marking machine widely used in the market mainly includes fiber laser marker and UV laser marker. These two kinds machine have both advantages and disadvantages. And the difference is very big.
First of all, let’s look at the differences between the two laser marker.

  • Laser generator

Fiber laser engraver: The laser generator uses glass fiber doped with rare earth as the gain medium. The wavelength is 1064nm.
Uv laser engraver: the laser generator is adopted UV laser and wavelength of 355nm.

  • Working principle
    Fiber laser engraving machine: Use high-energy laser beam to etch the surface of a material to leave a permanent mark. There are three main forms, evaporation of surface material, through the physical change of light energy and material surface to make the sculpture effect,by burning it with light.
    UV laser engraving machine: the principle is similar with fiber laser marker. The difference is that UV laser marker directly interrupts material molecular chain (chemical changes) by short-wave laser to form processing patterns and text etching.
  • Processing methods
    Fiber laser marking machine: the physical properties of high energy laser beam are used to process the material, which belongs to the category of thermal processing.
    UV laser marking machine: It belongs to the category of cold processing.It is a chemical processing method.
  • Scope of application
    Fiber laser marking machine: mainly suitable for laser marking of various metal materials, such as circuit chips, hardware tools, molds, wires and cables, food packaging, military, on-site graphics, bearings, digital accessories, home appliances, auto parts, electronic communication products, aerospace devices and so on.
    UV laser marking machine: suitable for metal materials and other fine processing of the high-end market demand. For example:
  • 1.the surface printing of medicine, cosmetic, auxiliary materials and other polymer materials packaging bottles, not only good effect, but also more clean and pollution-free.
  • 2.Flexible PCB board marking work.

3.Glass products marking, drilling, metal surface coating marking, plastic, electronic components, communication equipment, building materials, etc.

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