What are the advantages of fiber laser marker and UV laser marker?

Fiber laser marker:
1.The beam quality is good. The laser beam of fiber laser marking machine is fine.Not only the material consumption is smaller when processing, but also the influence of the hot area is small. A permanent mark will not fade with time.
2.Energy saving and environmental protection. Electrical optical efficiency of the fiber laser engraver can reach 28%. Low power consumption, more energy saving. There is no pollution and no noise when working.
3. Low maintenance cost. Compared with the traditional laser, the fiber laser has no optical lens in the resonant cavity,which does not need to be adjusted and maintained. Higher working stability.
4.The others. Fiber is a guided wave medium. The laser generator and fiber transmission system is convenient to link, high efficiency. Reducing the core thickness can improve the power density. A wider range of output wavelengths can meet the needs of various applications.

UV laser marker:

1.It can complete ultra fine and special materials marking work. UV laser marking machine focus is very small and its small heat affected area, so it can be competent for ultra-fine and special materials marking work. If the requirements of marking effect are higher, UV laser engraver is the preferred equipment.
2.It belongs to the cold processing method. The effect is better. The working principle of UV laser marking machine is to use high-energy ultraviolet light to separate the molecules of the material to complete the marking.It will not have  heat generation. Reduce the probability of material being affected. Marking effect is better and more stable.

3. Because the UV laser marking machine belongs to the cold processing.It will not cause the material burning or other thermal effect because of the thermal effect at work.
4.UV laser marking machine is mainly low power, stable performance, small footprint and lower power consumption.

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