What points are needed knowing when using fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser source is the core component of fiber laser cutter.If improper operation will affect the laser source,failure and shutdown in daily using. The impact on production and processing is very large. Therefore, in order to reduce the failure rate of the laser source, we should pay attention to following items in operation.

  • Stop working in halfway
    If no cutting task is performed during the fiber laser cutting machine startup or the rest period exceeds 1 hour, you are advised to turn off the high voltage of the fiber laser source. Keep the power switch of the fiber laser source on. And turn off the water chiller. When you need to cut the product again, start the water chiller. When the difference between the actual temperature of the water chiller and the setting temperature is less than 1 ° C, make high pressure to the fiber laser source and start cutting.
    Note: Do not make fiber laser power switch off, but the water chiller is still running!
  • Quick start operation skills
    When the fiber laser cutting machine is powered off at night, do not need to turn off the power switch of the fiber laser source to keep the air conditioner or internal dehumidifier always working, which consumes less power. In this way, you do not need to wait for 30 minutes when the metal cutter is powered on the next day.
  • Operating environment requirements for fiber laser machines
    1). It is recommended to install temperature and humidity meters in the workshop of fiber laser cutting machine to monitor the temperature and humidity.
    2)The environmental requirements: Fiber laser source water at low temperature is set to 22 degrees. The environment temperature is below 26 degrees. The relative humidity of the environment make sure under 75%. If the environment relative humidity is above 75 and for example up to 85%, the temperature (air conditioning room temperature) is needed adjusting to 24 degrees. Otherwise the laser source will have the risk of condensation.
    Or set well cooling and dehumidification function of the air conditioner. Keep the ambient temperature of the laser source not more than 26 degrees, and keep the relative humidity of the environment less than 60%. It is recommended that the operator of laser cutting equipment pays attention to record the value of the temperature and humidity meter every shift to discover problems in time and prevent risks.
  • Requirements for cooling water of fiber laser cutting machine
    Replace the water for fiber laser cutting machine at least once every three months.Distilled water is best used for cooling water. And the conductivity requirement is 30us/cm< conductivity <50us/cm. If the conductivity is greater than 50us/cm, the cooling water should be replaced in time: If the conductivity is less than 30us/cm, pure water can be added to the cooling water. When adding pure water, attention monitoring the conductivity value to avoid the conductivity exceeding the requirements.

  • Keep the control cabinet close
  • The control cabinet of the fiber laser cutting machine adopts an airtight design. Keep the control cabinet sealed to prevent high-temperature and humid air from entering it.
  • Pay attention to the following aspects when checking the enclosure confined:
  • 1). Whether all cabinet doors are closed tightly. Whether the lifting bolts on the top are tightened. Check whether the protective cover of the unused communication control ports at the rear of the control cabinet is properly covered. Check whether the used ones are properly secured. Check whether the inlet of the power cable is sealed.
  • 2). If you need to open the cabinet door of the control cabinet for some reason, close the water chiller before starting the cabinet door. After the cabinet door is closed, turn on the power switch of the fiber laser source and run it for more than 60 minutes. Then run the water chiller. When the actual temperature of the high and low temperature water of the chiller reaches ±1 ° C, turn on the high voltage of the fiber laser source.

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