How to do the maintenance of the core components for fiber laser cutting machine?

  1. Fiber laser cutting machine lens cleaning and maintenance

Fiber laser cutting machine lenses are consumables, especially optical lenses, including protective lens, collimating lens, focusing lens. Place, check, and installation should be paid attention to preventing lens damage and pollution. During laser cutting, a large amount of gas and metal impurities can be released from the working surface. These gases and splashes can cause damage to the lens. When contaminants fall on the surface of the lens, they will absorb energy from the laser beam, creating a thermal lens effect.

During lens installation and cleaning, any sticky material will increase the absorption rate and reduce the service life of the lens. Therefore, the following measures must be paid attention to during operation:

A.Do not install the lens directly with your finger. Wear finger muffs or rubber gloves.

B.When installing and removing the lens, do not touch the film. hold the edge of the lens to install and remove it, and handle it gently to avoid scratching the lens surface.

C.Lenses should be placed in a dry, clean place for testing and cleaning. Prevent impurity secondary pollution.

D.Lens cleaning method: when cleaning the lens, anhydrous ethanol or 98% alcohol must be used as cleaning liquid. Dip a small amount of absorbent cotton in alcohol, scrub with directional lamp, and finally wipe the lens with dry cotton cloth.

2. Fiber laser cutting machine cutting head cleaning and maintenance

Daily maintenance
1) Check whether the position of the cutting head is accurate before startup to ensure the accuracy of data such as the starting point and height of the fiber laser cutting head, and avoid collisions and other accidents in the working process.
2) Fiber laser cutter before cutting please confirm the following matters:
A. Check that the pressure of the air compressor is not less than 0.8mpa, and try to open the protector and lift the gun to check whether it is smooth.
B. Lift the cutting head and then remove the frame to ensure that the cutting piece is in the setting area.
C. Simulate the processing output to confirm whether the cutting sequence is reasonable.
D. Adjust the cutting head height to the proper drilling position.
3) When metal laser cutting machine is working, observe whether it is cutting at any time. If no cutting, first lift the cutting head by hand to stop cutting. Check whether the cutting parameters are correct, whether the nozzle and the protective lens are damaged. Adjust well, and then return to the uncutting state to continue cutting.
4) Fiber laser cutting machine is cutting, observe whether the cutting head is on fire. If there is fire, stop cutting. Check if the nozzle is worn, and determine if the focus is changing. If so, increase or decrease as the case may be.

Regular maintenance
1). Check the loss of cutting head and cutting mouth regularly, and replace it in time if the loss is serious.
2). Check the sharpness of the lens at each part of the cutting head and clean it reasonably.
3). Check the cleanliness and fluency of all pipes and joints to ensure there are no impurities or blockages.
4). Check whether the fixed part of the cutting head is loose.

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