The main application of laser cleaning machine

  1.  The advantages of China laser cleaning machine
    Compared with traditional cleaning methods (such as mechanical friction, chemical corrosion, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.), laser cleaning machine can be operated automatically at work. High cleaning efficiency, low cost, green environmental protection, no pollution, no damage to materials, and a very wide range of application.It Is a kind of green and environmental protection cleaning method, but also it is the most reliable and effective industry laser cleaning.
    Although laser cleaner has not completely replaced the traditional cleaning way at present.With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction in the manufacturing industry, laser cleaning machine will become the mainstream cleaning equipment with its irreplaceable advantages.
  2. The application of China laser cleaning machine
    As the first working procedure in industrial production and processing, laser cleaning can effectively remove rust and dirt. The workpiece surface will occur chemical reaction in the cleaning, which can form a tight layer of oxide film to protect the workpiece. Prevent rust again. Effectively improve the corrosion resistance. This unique advantage makes laser cleaning technology widely used in military industry, industrial production, electronics, cultural relic protection, medical industry and other fields.
  3. Main application classification of laser cleaning machine:
    A. Metal or glass surface coating, coating removal, rapid removal of rust and other oxides on the metal surface.
    B.Fast removal of grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, production residue, etc.
    C. Rust removal and oil removal before welding of auto parts, as well as the removal of oxide and color spots after welding.
    D. Mold cleaning, tire mold, electronic mold, video mold, metal mold and other precision parts in the production and processing, oil and residue removal, etc.
    E. In aerospace, weapons, ships and other production or maintenance process of oxide cleaning, paint removal, metal surface cleaning in narrow space, etc.
    F.Cultural relics cleaning, rock cleaning, building surface cleaning, etc.

As a green, environmental protection cleaning technology, laser cleaning is the product of the development of The Times, not only save time and effort, but also no damage to the material and pollution-free characteristics of laser cleaning machine are more and more widely used.

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