Reasons and treatment of common failures for laser welding machine

With the continuous maturity of laser technology, the application range is more and more wide. Laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cleaning machine and other laser CNC equipment have been widely used.
In the field of welding, laser welder relying on its unique advantages has become more and more popular. The application scope includes stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials such as furniture, kitchen and bathroom, stairs, shelves, elevators, metal boxes, sheet metal, doors and Windows, fences and other industries. However, it is inevitable to encounter some problems in the process, affecting the work efficiency.
Today, I would like to share with you some causes and treatment methods of common failures of laser welding machine:

  1. the welding seam produced by laser welding machine is very black
    Cause 1: The nitrogen is not turned on.
    Solution: Turn on nitrogen.
    Cause 2: The protection air flow direction is incorrect.
    Solution: The direction of the protection airflow should be opposite to the direction of the workpiece movement.
    2. cracks generated by laser welding machine

Cause 1: The cooling speed is too fast.
Solution: raise the temperature of cooling water on the fixture.
Cause 2: The gap of the welding part is too large or burr.
Solution: improve the accuracy of the workpiece.
Cause 3: There are sundries or other stains on the workpiece surface.
Solution: clean the workpiece again.
Cause 4: The protection gas flow is too large.
Solution: Lower the air pressure.

3.the fusion depth of laser welding machine is not enough
Cause 1: The laser power is low.
Solution: improve laser pulse width and current.
Cause 2: The defocusing distance of the lens is incorrect.
Solution: Adjust the amount of defocus close to the focus.
4.laser welding machine welding fire weakened
Cause 1: The optical shutter is not fully open.
Solution: you can add lubricating oil on the connectors of the optical shutter. Improve mechanical smooth.
Cause 2: The laser of the main optical path is offset.
Solution: Adjust the main optical path full – reflex and half – diaphragm, and adjust round the spot with photo paper.
Cause 3: Cooling water is contaminated.
Solution: replace cooling water regularly and in time, and clean the uv glass tube and xenon lamp.
Cause 4: the focusing lens or laser resonator diaphragm is damaged or contaminated.
Solution: Check, replace or clean in time.
The above is the common failures of laser welding machine and the corresponding solutions. If there are problems that can not be solved in the production process, please consult the relevant technical personnel of OWIN  CNC in time.

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