What are the reasons that fiber laser cutting machine can not cut through? How to solve it?

First, the reasons for the fiber laser cutting machine can not cut through:
A. With the increase of the use time of the fiber laser cutting machine, the power of the laser will decrease over time, eventually leading to the reduction of the cutting ability.
B. The thickness of the processed material exceeds the cutting limit thickness of the affordable fiber laser cutter. The fiber laser cutting machine of different power will have the corresponding cutting limit thickness. If it exceeds the thickness, the cutting effect will not be ideal or even it can not be cut through.
C. Due to the maintenance and cleaning of the laser machine not timely, resulting in optical components (focusing lens, mirror, etc.) left residues or other stains on the surface, reducing power, affecting the cutting thickness.
D. The debugging of laser cutting machine is not up to standard.
E. The cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is too fast, and the heat of the cutting joint is insufficient to cut through.
F. The pressure of the auxiliary gas is not enough to blow away the cutting residue in time, thus affecting the cutting effect.

Two, the solution of laser machine cutting through
A. In view of the problem of laser cutting machine power declining, you can replace the laser source in time, or replace the larger voltage regulator, improve the output power of laser current.
B. Reduce the cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine, and clean and maintain optical components (such as lens and mirrors) in time.
C. When cutting high reflective materials, do a good job of polishing or coated with absorbent materials in advance to reduce the reflective rate.
D. Clean up the foreign matter in the nozzle of the laser cutting machine in time, increase the auxiliary gas pressure, and replace the cooling water of the cooling system in time.
5. If the optical path of the fiber laser cutting machine is not correct, or the focus is too large, it is necessary to refocus in time.

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