What harms are made by fiber laser cutting machine for human body? And how to avoid it?


  1. The harm to the eye
    Many people like to stare at the work of the laser head of the fiber laser cutter.It is easy to cause eye damage if looking at it for long time.
    Laser cutting machine will emit high energy laser in the process. The energy contained in this laser is highly concentrated in space and time. When viewed with the naked eye, the incoming energy density in the retina increases by more than 100 times. At the same time, the laser beam color difference of fiber laser cutting machine is very small. This can cause eye damage even at lower energy lasers.
  2. The harm to the skin
    The high-energy laser beam produced by fiber laser cutting machine has a very high energy density. If it is irradiated on the skin, it is very easy to cause damage to the skin. And it is easy to leave scalds and scars.
  3. The harm to the respiratory system
    Metal laser cutting machine will produce a lot of dust, especially often processed metal materials under the joint action of high temperature and auxiliary gas. So the smoke contains a lot of metal particles, oxides and other compounds harmful to human body.

How to avoid the harm of fiber laser cutting machine to human body?
A.Operator is equipped with the necessary protective equipment with operating fiber laser cutting equipment. Wear goggles to prevent laser injury to the human body. In the cutting, try to avoid just cutting the laser.

B.Pay attention to the intake of vitamin A and vitamin C, and eat some protein rich food in daily life, so it can also play a good protective effect on the eyes.
C. The workshop is equipped with dust removal devices or keep the airflow of the working environment unobstructed. It is best for workers to wear masks when working.
D. Fiber laser cutting site as far as possible using dark wall coating, reduce radiation.
E. The workpiece temperature is higher after finish cutting.Touch it by hand after cooling.

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