The working principle and advantages of CO2 laser marking machine

  1. The working principle of CO2 laser marking machine

The laser source uses carbon dioxide gas as the working medium. Fill the gas and other auxiliary gases into the discharge tube, and add high pressure at both ends. The gas will release the laser, which will be amplified by energy and irradiated on the surface of the material under the control of the CO2 laser marker.
This kind of laser beam with high energy density irradiates on the surface of the material. The material absorbs the laser energy. The irradiation area will produce the process of thermal excitation, so that the temperature of the material surface or layer is rapidly increased, resulting in abnormal, melting, ablation, evaporation, gasification and other phenomena. So as to achieve permanent marking effect.It belongs to hot processing.
China CO2 laser marking machine is often used for craft gifts, wood, clothing industry, greeting cards, electronic components, models, architectural ceramics, fabrics, plastics, plastics and other non-metallic industries marking work.

2.The advantages of CO2 laser marking machine

A.High precision, fast speed,control the depth of engraving at will.

B.High power laser marking,adapted to a variety of non-metallic materials.

C.No consumables,low processing cost and long laser life.

D.Permanent marking,hard to wear out.

E.High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

F.The software allows users to edit graphics, text, and so on.

3.The defects of the CO2 laser marking machine

A.The CO2 laser marker is used gas laser source with a wavelength of 1064um in the infrared band,which uses RF laser source and high speed galva. It costs more than a semiconductor.

B.The application scope of CO2 laser marking machine has limitations,which can not be marked on metal materials, glass, etc., It is often used for wood, acrylic, leather, plastic and other materials marking work.

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