Application of fiber laser cutting machine in metal word processing of advertising industry

As the most widely used element in the advertising industry, metal characters can bring the most simple, direct and effective publicity effect for enterprises. Outdoor billboards, company logos, image walls, corporate culture and so on can see the figure of metal characters.

Generally speaking, metal word materials are usually made of iron, stainless steel, copper, alloy materials and so on.

Metal word molding uses sheet metal fiber laser cutter to cut out the shape, and then through bending, welding, printing and other processes to complete process,which can also pretend LED module on the back to form the luminous word. This kind of metal three-dimensional luminous word can reflect the solemn.

In metal word processing technology, sheet metal cutting process plays a particularly important role in the whole process. Cutting equipment is the most widely used fiber laser cutting machine, it uses laser beam irradiation on the surface of metal materials, produce a lot of heat. So that the workpiece melting evaporation achieves the purpose of cutting.

Compared with other metal cutting technology, fiber laser cutter has incomparable advantages:

  1. High precision. Fiber laser cutting machine uses high energy laser beam to cut. Laser direction is good. And the processing method is non-contact processing, which will not crush the workpiece. The incision is smooth and without burrs.
  2. High automation. Fiber laser cutting machine is matched with the CNC system to work, which achieve the automation of cutting process.It only needs to put the cutting graphics into the cutting software. And fiber laser cutting machine cutting software has intelligent typesetting function, minimize the waste of materials and reduce costs.
  3. Simple operation. Compared with the traditional cutting process, the laser cutting process is simple. We only need to set up the cutting graph.Then laser machine can work directly. The operation technology is simple and easy to learn. After simple training, customer can be mastered. And it can realize the operation of one person and more machines, saving a lot of labor costs.

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