Working principle and application of UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine is the latest research and development of laser marking technology. The traditional laser marking machine is the use of laser thermal effect to mark. So it is affected by the fineness and thermal deformation. There are certain limitations in the industry application. UV laser marker belongs to cold processing. The thermal deformation minimizes the impact. And improve the marking accuracy, the application is more widely.

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  • Working principle of ultraviolet laser marking machine:

UV laser marking machine uses the role of photochemical ablation to achieve the work.Rrelying on uv light to break the bonds between atoms or molecules, making the material surface or coating into smaller molecules gasification or evaporation.

UV laser marking machine produces a very small spot, and there is no thermal response in the processing area.It can carry out ultra-fine and special materials marking work.

  • Market application of Uv laser marking machine :

Now with the continuous innovation and optimization of laser equipment technology, the power of ultraviolet laser marking machine has gradually improved. And it has been applied in more industries. Especially some ultra-fine marking high-end market has gradually been covered by ultraviolet laser marking machine.

In terms of industry, uv laser marking machine applications include: mobile phone, cosmetics, food industry, medicine and other polymer materials, packaging marking, etc.

In terms of materials, uv laser marking machine is more widely used than traditional laser marking machine, including silicon wafer microhole, glass products, blind hole processing, LCD liquid crystal glass, metal surface coating, plastic keys, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, digital electronic products and other materials marking. In particular, glass products can only be marked with UV laser marker.

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