How to solve the problem of low efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine?

Many enterprises found that the cutting efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine did not hit the desired effect after purchasing. The reason is not to make full use of the fiber laser. So if you want to improve the efficiency of affordable fiber laser cutter, you must learn to use it correctly. In fact, you should pay more attention to following points.

  1.  Laser focusing position
    The laser focusing position of affordable fiber laser cutting machine is the main factor affecting the laser cutting accuracy. Especially the spot diameter,it is needed to ensure the minimum as far as possible, so as to make the cutting seam narrow enough. The diameter of the laser spot is directly proportional to the focal depth of the focusing lens. The smaller the focal depth is, the smaller the diameter of the spot is.
  2. Control the distance between the nozzle and the material
    The distance between the nozzle of the fiber laser cutting machine and the material will affect the efficiency of the metal cutting machine. If the distance is too far, it will waste gas kinetic energy. If it is too close, it will form splash of impurities. The most appropriate distance is about 0.8mm. In addition, when cutting the workpiece with uneven surface, the relative height of the nozzle and the workpiece should be kept consistent through subsequent adjustment.
  3. Cutting speed
     Cutting speed and power of fiber laser metal cutter is proportional. At the same time, cutting quality and laser beam quality also has a great relationship.
  4. Cut auxiliary gas
    The composition and air pressure of auxiliary gas have a great relationship with the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine,preferably compressed air or inert gas. If the thickness of the workpiece increases or the cutting speed is slow, it is necessary to reduce the air pressure appropriately to prevent scrap edge frosting.
  5.  Laser power
    To eliminate the above problems, it is necessary to consider the laser power of fiber laser cutter decline. Any equipment used too long time will produce the aging phenomenon of of functional parts. Laser source is the core part of fiber laser cutting machine. The power will gradually decrease after long-term use.

The above is a few solutions for reducing the efficiency of metal fiber laser cutting machine.If you want to long-term use and ensure the efficiency of laser machine, you need to do a good job of daily maintenance.

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