The application and advantages of laser cleaning machine in mold industry

Mold is more and more widely used in production and manufacturing industry. From the moulage in food industry to the injection, die casting, stamping, stretching of industrial production, they are all the application of mold.

Mold is the carrier and support of mass production now. It can be said that mold has become an important support for manufacturing.

But in practical application, there are two problems that can not be ignored in mold production.

  1. Because the mold is often in contact with high temperature materials and often subjected to a variety of stamping and tensile stress. it is inevitable that the mold surface will remain residual material. In particular, some metal molds used for high temperature hot melt molding and die casting molding, after the work is completed and the material is removed. There will often be material residue. These residues will directly affect the continuous production of products. And sometimes people even need to stop machine to clean by hand. Not only affect the accuracy,but also greatly reduce the production efficiency.
  2. Metal mold will inevitably have rust after using long time. The traditional cleaning method requires manual intervention. Time and energy consumption are a great cleaning burden for manufacturers.

The huge advantage of laser cleaning machine in the mold cleaning

The working principle of metal laser cleaner is to use high energy, high frequency laser beam irradiation on the workpiece surface, so that the residue of the material surface, oil, rust and others can be instant evaporation or decomposition from the workpiece surface. Not only it is the cleaning thorough, but also the cleaning speed is very fast. It only takes a few seconds to complete the cleaning.

At present, laser cleaning machine can complete the cleaning work on the plane, surface, holes, gaps and so on. For mold cleaning, the use of common hand-held laser cleaning machine is very easy. And the cleaning time is  faster more than ten times than the traditional cleaning method.

In addition, for the mold cleaning on the production line, the use of laser cleaning machine does not need manual buckle dig. Save time and effort. Moreover, the laser cleaning machine can be synchronously installed on the production line to realize automatic detection and cleaning of mold residue, which further saves the downtime and maintenance time.It greatly reduces the production cost and improves the production efficiency.

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