How to solve the large cutting gap of fiber laser cutting machine?

Nowadays fiber laser cutting machine has become an indispensable important processing equipment in the sheet metal cutting processing industry. Compared with its processing methods, fiber laser cutter quickly occupy the market with its very high cutting precision, higher cutting efficiency, excellent cutting effect and other advantages .

But in the process of using fiber laser cutting machine,customers will occasionally meet the problem of large cutting gap. To a certain extent, the large cutting gap will reduce the cutting accuracy. Workpiece can not meet the expected production process requirements. What should you do when you encounter this problem?

In view of the problem of large cutting gap of fiber laser cutting machine,owin laser machine summarized the following three solutions:

  1. Check whether the laser focal length of the fiber laser cutting machine has problem. Especially when the lens or laser head has been cleaned and replaced,we need to further check the focal length. The change of focal length will not only have a greater impact on the cutting gap, but also greatly reduce the cutting quality and precision. The focal length should be adjusted to the appropriate position before using the fiber laser metal cutter.
  2. Check the lens of the fiber laser cutting machine in time to make sure whether the lens is stained or damaged. When the lens is contaminated or damaged, the laser beam will scatter and become coarse, which will not only make the cutting gap become larger and affect the cutting accuracy, but also leave a lot of residue on the cutting section, affect the cutting quality, and even require secondary processing to eliminate the impact. At this time we need promptly clean and replace the lens.
  3. Fiber laser cutting machine spot change will also have a great impact on the cutting gap. Check the quality and position of the light spot of the light port in time. If the spot is not round, hollow, or spot location offset,customers need to adjust in time.

Fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the product of high technology.With the increase of use time, there will inevitably be some core aging components , pollution phenomenon, which requires users to do a good job of equipment maintenance at any time to ensure the smooth operation of fiber laser cutting machine.

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