Application and advantage of UV laser marking machine in glass marking industry

Glass is a kind of inorganic non-metallic fluid material, which has smooth and transparent characteristics.It not only can be used as utensils, but also it can be used in doors and windows, decoration, jewelry.It is an important material in daily life, production,science and technology fields.

But at the same time, glass is also a fragile material. There is more difficulties in the production, especially to carve complex patterns on the glass. It is a very headache for many manufacturers.

Due to the transparent nature of glass itself, the traditional laser marker machine is difficult to leave marks on the surface of glass. Coupled with the thermal effect of high-energy laser, glass appliances are easy to break. According to the special requirements of glass marking technology, uv laser marking machine emerged at the historic moment,which has a unique advantage in fine processing and glass marking technology.

Application of UV laser marker in glass marking industry

Ultraviolet laser wavelength is very short. Pulse width is narrow. Laser energy concentration, high resolution, plus ultraviolet laser unique “cold processing” attribute, Uv laser beam is used to destroy the chemical bond of material directly, without thermal effect. Therefore, it is the perfect marking equipment of glass material, which is widely used in drilling, cutting, ablation and other processes.

Advantages of Uv laser marking machine in the glass marking industry

  1. Uv laser marking machine is a kind of laser marking.Working without loss of any raw materials, clear pattern, high precision, neat and beautiful stripes is unable to complete by the traditional marking technology.
  2. Uv laser marking machine belongs to non-contact processing, UV laser can be better absorbed by glass materials, minimal damage to the glass original. Marking position can be touched directly. The heat is very low, which can be ignored. The marking surface is smooth and flat, and it will not produce burrs that scratch hands. Avoid text deformation, black fonts and defective phenomenon.
  3. Uv laser marking machine does not need any chemical treatment, consumables.It does not produce chemical pollution, not to mention toxic substances, clean environmental protection.UV laser can be safely used in medicine, food and other industries.

With the continuous improvement of laser technology, ultraviolet laser has become one of the mainstream lasers after fiber laser. Increase power and more and more diverse processing fields. In all kinds of precision processing, UV laser marking machine constantly meet more rapid, mass production requirement with its unique advantages.

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