Application and advantage of fiber laser cutting machine in advertising industry

As the mainstream equipment used in the sheet metal processing industry, the fiber laser cutting machine has also been favored by many manufacturers in the advertising industry. So why can fiber laser cutting machine be so popular in the advertising industry? What are its advantages?

In the advertising industry, the most used material thickness is about 1mm thin plate, mostly stainless steel, aluminum plate, galvanized plate and other materials. A small amount of decorative walls can be used in copper or alloy plate.

With the development of advertising industry, the accuracy and effect of advertising materials processing requirements are becoming more and more stringent. The traditional processing technology has gradually been unable to meet the higher and higher requirements. Low efficiency greatly increases production cost and reduces product competitiveness. And affordable fiber laser cutting machine can solve these problems perfectly, which is also an important reason why metal fiber laser cutter can quickly occupy the market in the advertising industry.

So what are the advantages of cnc fiber laser cutting machine?

  1. High cutting accuracy. The positioning accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine is 0.05mm and the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.03mm.
  2. Good cutting effect. Owin fiber laser cutting machine focus spot is small. So the cutting joint is very narrow. Incision width is between 0.1mm-0.2mm. The energy density of fiber laser cutting machine at focus is very high,which can quickly gasification and condensation, forming a very smooth cutting surface, no burr phenomenon.
  3. Laser cutting speed is fast. The cutting speed can reach 10m/min, which is 5-8 times of the traditional cutting process.
  4. Good cutting quality. Laser cutting is non-contact cutting, which will not scratch the workpiece surface. And the impact of the hot area is very small. It will rarely produce workpiece deformation phenomenon in the process. Cutting surface does not need secondary processing.
  5. Not affected by the shape and pattern of the workpiece. Chinese fiber laser cutting machine is CNC intelligent cutting. Input cutting shape can automatically generate cutting path. No matter how complex the pattern can be completed cutting.
  6. Wide range of use. Fiber laser cutting machine processing range is wide, which is suitable for a variety of sheet metal materials, alloys, etc.
  7. Save materials. Fiber laser cutter can do typesetting and cutting according to the cutting shapes, which can maximize the utilization of materials and avoid waste.

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