Fiber laser cutting machine using for home appliance

Washing machines, refrigerators, rice cookers, air conditioners and other household appliances closely related to our life and diet are playing an increasingly important role in our life. The increase in demand leads to more and more fierce competition in the home appliance market. In order to cope with the development of the market, the production link has been put forward increasingly stringent requirements such as high efficiency, high precision, intelligence and mass production.

Fiber laser cutting machine quickly becomes an important equipment in the production of home appliances with its incomparable advantages. In the production of home appliances, fiber laser cutter is mainly used in metal, plastic shell, metal parts, sheet metal materials drilling and cutting of washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and other home appliances.

The traditional stainless steel cutting technology will not only wear the tool, slow processing speed, but also the effect is not ideal.It is easy to produce burr, rough surface, workpiece deformation and other phenomena. On the other hand, fiber laser cutting machine can perfectly avoid these problems, which becomes the processing tool of home appliance industry.

Great advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in home appliance processing:

  1. High accuracy, smooth cutting surface
    The working principle of fiber laser cutting machine is to use the thermal effect of high energy laser beam to cut, punch and other operations.The light spot produced by focusing is very small. The beam quality is high. The positioning accuracy is accurate. The error is very small. The energy in the high energy laser beam can quickly vaporize the metal material and form smooth machining surface under the action of auxiliary gas.
  2. No machining stress, no deformation of the workpiece
    There is no direct stress between laser cutting and material to avoid deformation of material. The laser beam produces a very small range of hot zone,which can do deformation free cutting operations for mild steel, stainless steel, alloy and other metal materials.
  3. High processing efficiency, without secondary treatment
    Fiber laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact processing.It will not scratch the workpiece surface and will not affect the normal work of the next process. Laser cutting without secondary processing.
  4. No consumables, low cost
    Laser cutting machine cutting work is without consumables. Photoelectric conversion rate is high. Simple maintenance greatly reduce the production cost.
    Fiber laser cutting machine not only has the incomparable flexibility and precision of traditional metal processing technology, but also it can be customized, mass, personalized production and processing. No mold cost, cutting graphics controlled by software. Both effectively improve the product quality, and reduce the production cost.

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