Why is the price of uv laser marking machine higher than fiber laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine? What are its advantages?

Now in the marking market, the most commonly used is fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine. In contrast, fiber laser marker and CO2 laser marker is relatively cheap and slightly longer service life. The working environment and maintenance requirements are low. So why is the price of uv laser marker higher? It is inseparable from its unique advantages and excellent performance.

  • high hardware cost 
  • The optical devices of UV laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine are not universal. The laser wavelength of fiber laser maker is 1064nm, while the wavelength of UV laser is very short, only 355nm. The wavelength is made by frequency doubling based on the technology of 1064nm. As a result, the price of uv laser source is several times of fiber laser source.
  • The coating thickness and material of uv laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine are different on the galvanometer and lens.They cannot be used universally. The galva and lens using for Uv laser marking machine are higher.
  • UV laser marking machine has higher requirements for the working environment, especially the water-cooled laser source. It needs to maintain a constant temperature when working, so the requirements for accessories are higher.And the price is more expensive.
  • good marking effect
  • Uv laser marker working focus spot is very small. And the processing heat affected area is very small.It will not produce too obvious thermal effect, so UV laser can carry out ultra-fine marking, special material marking and other work. Marking effect is the customers’ first choice who have high marking requirements.

In addition, uv laser marking machine is more widely applicable. Glass, metal, coating, plastic and other materials can achieve fine marking effect. During processing, there is no thermal effect and no material burning problem.

In general, the UV laser marking machine is more expensive than fiber laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine. Mainly because of its laser source cost is high.

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