Application and advantages of laser welding machine in aluminum alloy products industry

As a common raw material in industrial products, aluminum alloy materials can not only resists corrosion effectively, but also reduce weight on the basis of ensuring structural strength. It has been widely used in automobile industry, ship industry, aerospace, submarine and so on. For aluminum alloy material welding and cutting,China laser welding machine not only can improve the processing efficiency, but also it has good welding effect with its excellent performance and greatly improves the aluminum alloy industry application process level.

The working principle of laser welder is to illuminate material joints by using pulsed or continuous laser beam. Then the heat generated quickly spreads around the inside material. Under the joint action the molten metal and auxiliary gas form a moved hole with laser beam. As the movement of the laser beam, laser welding left a deep and narrow welds, so as to achieve the welding effect.

Advantages of laser welder in aluminum alloy products industry:

  1.  Laser beam energy density of laser welding machine is high. The heat affected area is very small. The thermal deformation is small. At the same time, the fusion depth is very large. The welding effect is firm, and the weld gap is very small.
  2. When welding material ,cooling speed of affordable laser welder is high, which can get micro weld. Joint performance is good.
  3. Compared with traditional argon arc welding, the laser welding machine does not consume electrodes and other welding materials, which not only reduces the cost but also improves the work efficiency.
  4. Laser welding machine can penetrate transparent material and weld metal inside, which is more widely used.
  5. Welding laser of laser welding machine can use optical fiber for long-distance transmission, which can achieve automation and precision control with computers and production lines.

With the popularization and promotion of the laser equipment, laser welding technology is more and more mature. Especially since the advent of fiber laser welding machine, the energy density of welding laser beam is further improved. The development and application of laser wire filling, laser -MIG composite welding and double spot laser welding have improved the forming effect and welding quality of laser welding again.

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