Hand-held laser cleaning machine.Environmental protection and super clean

In the industrial production manufacturing industry, the most used material is metal material. As we all know, metal materials are very easy to rust when used for a long time. In many fields such as mould, orbit, aerospace, ship, automobile and so on, once the product rusts, it will greatly affect its performance and service life.

In order to solve the problem of rust cleaning in metal industries, owin laser manufacturer in China has launched a high-tech metal cleaning product —- handheld laser cleaning machine.

  1. Product introduction
    Hand-held laser cleaner is the use of green environmental protection cleaning method. Cleaning using high-energy laser beam irradiates workpiece surface. Rust, oil, layer and other impurities instant vaporize and strip to achieve cleaning effect. No touch the workpiece surface when cleaning.

The cleaning object of laser cleaning machine includes stainless steel, iron, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, composite materials, etc., And the application object covers aerospace, ships, railways, automobiles, molds, food and other fields.

2.Product advantages

A.Environmental protection
Laser cleaning machine does not be used any chemical agents or cleaning liquid. Cleaning process produced the pollutants and other particles, gases, etc., can be collected through the exhaust system and purification treatment. It is more environmental protection.

B.No damage to materials
Laser cleaning machine using laser beam cleaning, no touching the workpiece. And in a short time cleaning laser beam and workpiece will not produce thermal effect. Do not damage the cleaning material.

 C.Low cost
Laser cleaning machine cleaning process without consumables, low cleaning cost. The maintenance of laser cleaner only needs regular cleaning or replacement lens. Low maintenance cost.

D.Easy to clean
Hand-held laser cleaning machine works by controlling the high-speed movement of light spot, which can clean special-shaped parts, holes, grooves, angles and other traditional cleaning methods difficult to complete the workpiece cleaning work.

E.Wide scope of application
Laser cleaning machine is applicable to a wide range. Metal and non-metallic materials can be cleaned on the surface. Cleanliness is higher than the conventional cleaning method.

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