Does the nozzle of fiber laser cutting machine affect the effect of laser cutting?

For the cutting effect of fiber laser cutting machine, there are many influencing factors, such as the quality of cnc fiber laser cutter, the thickness and type of the cutting material, the power of the fiber laser machine,which are common factors affecting the cutting effect. In addition, the nozzle of the fiber laser cutting machine will also affect the cutting effect. Let’s take a look what affects the nozzle of the fiber laser cutting machine will have on the cutting quality.

  1. Concentricity of nozzle and laser beam of fiber laser cutting machine
    The center of the nozzle of fiber laser cutting machine and the concentricity of the laser beam are the main factors affecting the cutting effect. With the increase of the thickness of the workpiece, the impact on the cutting effect is greater.

When the center of the nozzle and the center of the laser beam is not on the same axis, the high-pressure auxiliary gas ejected from the nozzle will not be uniform in the gas volume and pressure, so that the cutting section is prone to uneven burning phenomenon. It is easy to appear only one side of melting, the other side solid, greatly reducing the cutting quality.

When cutting sharp angle or the chamfer of small angle,it is easy to produce local over-melting phenomenon. When cutting thick material,it may not be able to cut through.

In addition, when the nozzle of the fiber laser cutting machine is not coaxial with the laser beam, it is easy to appear that the cutting waste on one side of the cutting seam can not be blown away in time, resulting in the burr on the cutting surface, affecting the effect.

2.Reasonable use of different diameter nozzle
When the nozzle and laser beam is coaxial, it is necessary to pay attention to use the appropriate diameter of the nozzle. The diameter of the nozzle has a decisive impact on the cutting quality and perforation quality. If the diameter is too large, the molten metal produced by the metal fiber laser cutting machine is likely to pass through the nozzle and contaminate the lens, reducing the service life of the lens.

In general, the choice of nozzle diameter is determined by the thickness of the cutting material. When cutting the thin plate below 3mm,we usually use φ1mm nozzle. If the nozzle is too large, it is easy to appear burr in the corner.

When cutting 10mm or more thickness metal,nozzles diameters can be chosen 2mm or more large. Because the cutting thickness is higher, the laser power will be larger. The cutting speed will be slower. If the diameter of the nozzle is too small, the diffusion area of the nozzle gas will become smaller. The equipment operation is unstable. If using large diameter nozzle, the gas diffusion area becomes larger. The flow rate becomes slower. The cutting work is more stable.

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