What are the effects of laser beam on the welding quality of laser welding machine?

With the rapid development of industrialization, laser welding machine has been gradually applied to various fields.

As an advanced welding equipment for metal materials,automatic laser welding machine has irreplaceable advantages compared with traditional welding technology. First of all, laser welding machine relies on laser beam welding, which does not need electrodes, no electrode material pollution. Secondly, metal laser welder belongs to non-contact welding. Equipment does not exist material consumption, equipment deformation and other problems.

About the core of laser welding machine in China, laser welding has higher requirements on the energy characteristics of laser beam, including wavelength, power, power density, etc..So what are the effects of laser beam on the welding quality of laser welding machine?

  1.  Laser welding machine in the process of work, the biggest impact is the power density of the laser beam. For different welding materials, there is a critical power density threshold. Only when the power density of laser beam of laser welding machine exceeds this threshold, plasma will be generated.Thus it forms welding holes, which also marks the correct work of stable deep fusion welding.

If the laser power is lower than this threshold, the workpiece will only produce surface melting. And the welding point will eventually propagate in the form of heat conduction, greatly reducing the aspect ratio of the weld.

If the laser power density is near the critical condition of small hole formation, it will form the state of deep welding and conduction welding alternately, which is a very unstable welding process. The welding depth fluctuation is very large, easy to damage the workpiece.

2.Spot size. The spot size of laser beam is one of the most important variables in laser welding machine. The spot size also determines the power density of laser beam.

3.Focus position. In order to ensure sufficient power density at the welding point, the focus position of laser beam is very important. The relative position of the focus and the workpiece surface directly affects the width and depth of welding. In most laser welding applications, the focus position is generally set below the workpiece surface 1/4 of the required welding depth.

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