How much does laser welding machine cost? What are the factors affecting the price of laser welding machine?

The research development and application of laser equipment bring a lot of convenience to many industries. The popularization of laser machines, such as laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and laser cleaning machine, provides support for the upgrading of industrial products.

Laser welding machine are used more and more widely in metal and non-metal welding industry. Its sales market is also increasing year by year. For buyers, in the face of so many brands and types of laser welding machine on the market, the price is one of the important factors to decide whether to purchase. So what are the factors affecting the price of laser welding machine?

  1. the power of laser welding machine
    As the core of the laser welding machine, the higher the power of the laser source, the higher the cost itself is, and the higher the requirements for the laser rod and cooling system, the price of laser welding machine will also be increased.
  2. Configuration of laser welding machine
    The configuration of laser welding machine involves many aspects.
    First in the use of classification, such as mold welding equipment, Jewelry welding equipment, Sheet welding equipment, etc. different using, the specific configuration of welding machine will be different, such as automatic welding machine galvanometer welding, Fiber laser welding machine,fiber continuous laser welding machine and so on. The configuration of different prices are not the same.

In addition, automatic welding equipment is more expensive than manual welding machine. Automatic welding equipment needs to be equipped with automatic control system, CCD intelligent monitoring system and other supporting automation configuration.

3.Customized requirements of laser welding machine
There are some special industries,which are needed custom for laser welding machine to increase special custom requirements. So the price will be higher, such as automated fixtures, custom countertops, automatic conveyors or accessories with additional functions and so on.

4.Working methods of laser welding machine
Welding mode of some laser welding machine is required to be equipped with a workbench, such as galvanometer working mode, automatic working mode, spot welding working mode, hand-held working mode, etc.. And the workbench is a non-standard product, which is needed to be installed according to the customers’ needs. So the price is not fixed.

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