What are the efficient dust extraction methods of fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine is generally used in workshops, factories and other relatively messy environment. Fiber laser cutting machine will certainly accumulate some dust for a long time in this environment. As the user of fiber laser cutting machine, if the dust can not be removed in time, it is bound to cause a certain impact on the equipment.

As professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, owin laser introduces several efficient dust extraction methods:

  1.  Improve the installation of fiber laser head
    First of all, we should pay attention to the installation of fiber laser head, so that the fiber laser head is inserted into the cutting head in a horizontal state and locked,which can improve air tightness, so as to reduce the chance of dust pollution of the internal lens.
  2. Improve the sealing effect of the laser cutting head
    With the current laser manufacturing level, it is difficult to make the laser cutting head completely sealed. After fiber laser cutting machine working, cutting head by high temperature gradually cooling, internal pressure is gradually lower than the external pressure. So that the external environment mixed with dust in the air goes into the laser internal caused pollution. To solve this problem, the cutting head can be installed with a breathing system, so that the internal pressure is always in a positive state to avoid external air entry.
  3. Add supporting dust extraction equipment
    When the fiber laser cutting machine arrives at the installation site, professional dust extraction equipment can be configured.
    The first is the exhaust system. The dust particles are exhaust to the atmosphere through the exhaust system. This equipment is simple, low cost, but it can not fundamentally solve the problem of dust. Exhaust gases will inevitably pollute the air environment.
    The second is the use of air filtration equipment. This equipment is small volume, high efficiency. The purification effect of air is very significant. It is used in many industrial dust extraction projects.
  4. Clean up the internal parts of the fiber laser cutting machine in time
    In the maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine, the cleaning and dust extraction of internal parts should be done in time. For example, the filter of the condenser, the filter element of the filter, and the dust cleaning of the dust isolation mesh. It should be noted that when cleaning with detergent. Neutral detergent should be selected to avoid corrosion and damage to the internal parts of fiber laser cutting machine.

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