How to delay the aging of fiber laser cutting machine and prolong its service life?

As the mainstream equipment of sheet metal cutting industry, fiber laser cutting machine is also a high-value durable product.Fiber metal cutter greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost with excellent performance.

However, like other industrial production equipment, fiber laser cutter machine also has a service life limit. In the production process,many parts are facing the problem of aging with the increase of use time.

So can we take some measures to slow down the aging of fiber laser cutting machine, so as to prolong the service life?

  • Maintain the fiber laser machine well
  • Maintenance of cooling system
    Replace the cooling water inside the water chiller regularly, usually once a week. The quality of the circulating water will directly affect the service life of the laser source. So it is recommended to use distilled water or pure water. Long-term no replacement of cooling water is easy to condense scale in waterways and causes waterways blocked.
    The role of cooling water is to take away the heat generated by the laser source. The higher the temperature of the laser source is, the lower the photoelectric conversion efficiency is. If the waterway is blocked or water is cut off, a large amount of heat will accumulate in the laser cavity, resulting in pipe end bursting and damaging the laser source. In production, it is necessary to check whether cooling water is unobstructed at any time.
  • Maintenance of dust extraction system
    Fiber metal laser cutting machine will accumulate a lot of dust in the fan in the long-term application process and affect the exhaust and deodorization. In the production process, when it is found that the fan suction becomes low and smoke exhaust is not smooth, it is necessary to turn off the power in time.Remove the air pipe of the fan, and clean the dust inside the air pipe and fan. Generally it is cleaned regularly every month.
  • Maintenance lens
    In production, Lens of fiber laser cutting machine will be stained with a layer of ash. This layer of ash will affect the reflectivity of the lens and the transmittance of the lens,which will reduce the efficiency of the laser machine.
    When undertaking clearing to lens, we need to use absorbent cotton dips in ethanol solution, wipe gently all round by the middle.We cannot damage the coating on lens.
  •  Transmission system maintenance
    During the cutting process of fiber laser cutting machine, a large number of dust generated will also enter the fiber laser machine and attached to the guide rail and rack, which will aggravate the wear of the guide rail and rack after long-term accumulation. Rack and guide rail are more precise transmission system accessories. Long-term wear will reduce the processing accuracy of fiber laser equipment and reduce the service life of laser cutting machine.
    In the daily maintenance, it is necessary to do a good job of dust extraction of rack and guide rail. Regularly inject lubricating oil and anti-rust protective oil.
  • Maintain a good work environment
    The environment is also an important factor affecting the service life of fiber laser cutting machine.
    The laser source is a precision component. And it is easy to induce laser source failure in high temperature and humidity environment. Therefore, the laser source should be equipped with a chassis air conditioner and a dehumidifier as far as possible to ensure that the laser source is in a relatively stable temperature and humidity environment.

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