How to choose fiber laser cutting machine correctly? What issues are needed to be considered?

In recent years, laser cutting technology has been quite mature with the wide application of fiber laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing industry, which has a very large market share in the cutting industry. But for many buyers, there are still many kinds of problems when buying a fiber laser cutting machine. So how to correctly choose a metal fiber laser cutter? It can be considered from the following aspects.

  • Processing materials and production requirements
    When choosing a suitable fiber laser cutting machine,the first thing to consider is the material we want to process, including the material, thickness, speed, processing effect, etc., And the power of the fiber laser machine cutting metal and the size of the table are also needed to be determined. Then choose the right fiber laser cutting machine according to our requirements.
  • Laser power
    Laser power is the key factor of laser cutting machine performance.Laser power determines the thickness and speed of cutting. For example, if the thickness of the cutting material is less than 6mm sheet metal, then 1000W fiber laser cutting machine can meet the production requirements. If the cutting thickness is greater than 6mm, laser power of fiber laser cutting machine should also be increased.
  • Core accessories
    For a fiber laser cutting machine, the quality of the core accessories not only affects the price of the fiber laser equipment, but also it determines the stability and performance of the fiber laser cutter. Especially laser generator, cutting head, servo motor, rack, guide rail, water cooling system, etc.
  •  After-sales service of fiber laser
    Different manufacturers have different after-sales service. Not only it reflects in the warranty time,but also customer service response speed, daily maintenance scheme, equipment operation training system, software installation, maintenance and other after-sales service content are also very important
    A long-term use of fiber laser cutting machine, users will encounter a variety of problems when using fiber laser cutter. If these problems can not be solved by themselves, then the manufacturer’s after-sales service is particularly important, which is one of the important factors to consider when purchsing fiber laser cutting machine.

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