What is the influence of air pressure of auxiliary gas of fiber laser cutting machine on cutting effect?

When using fiber laser cutting machine to cut different metal materials, the auxiliary gas is also different. It should be noted that after choosing gas, the air pressure should be adjusted accordingly. The level of auxiliary air pressure has a great influence on the cutting effect.

Influence of air pressure on cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine:

  1. In the cutting process, the auxiliary gas can effectively carry out heat dissipation and combustion and blow away the slag generated in the cutting process in time, so as to get a higher quality cutting surface.
  2. If the air pressure is insufficient, it can not blow away the cutting residue in time, forming burrs on the cutting surface, and reducing the cutting speed, affecting the production efficiency.
  3. When the pressure is too high, the precision will be reduced and the cutting gap will be wider. At the same time, parts of the cutting surface section will melt, and the cutting surface will become rough.

Influence of air pressure on fiber laser cutting machine perforation:

1.If the air pressure is too low, the laser beam of the fiber laser cutting machine can hardly penetrate the metal sheet, increasing the drilling time and reducing the production efficiency.

2.If the air pressure is too large, it is easy to cause overmelting of the penetration point when drilling. And the melting area becomes larger, affecting the cutting quality.

3.When using affordable fiber laser cutting machine for drilling operation, if the target material is thin sheet, generally use a higher pressure. If it is thick sheet, it is to use a specific way of drilling in order to eliminate the impact of low pressure on the lens protection.

4.When cutting material of fiber laser cutting machine is ordinary carbon steel, the thickness of the material is more thick, the pressure will be reduced accordingly. If the cutting material is stainless steel, the pressure will increase with the thickness. In a word, the pressure of cutting gas should be adjusted according to the actual situation of cutting work. In specific production, different cutting parameters should also be used according to the situation.

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